Recently I completed a professional styling course, not the one where you style editorial images, the so called 2D styling but the real deal styling, for 3D appearances :) as Polly Holman, our tutor said.

 I did the course as I plan to go into personal shopping and style consultancy and felt that I needed some more theoretical knowledge, that will give me confidence in my work as a stylist for real people in real situations.

I was helping out people with their wardrobes anyway, so I thought why not get paid for it and I needed a real job anyways:)

So you will get to see my new website very soon, it has been designed for a long time now, and I can not wait to have it up and running.

A mult heten elvegeztem egy professzionalis szemelyi styling tanfolyamot a London College of Fashion-on. Szemelyi stylingrol van szo, ahol igazi emberek, mindennapi ruhatarat es megjeleneset kene megtervezni.  Mivel elinditom a szemelyi styling es divat konzultaciomat, ugy gondoltam egy ilyen fajta tudasra is szugsegem lesz ahhoz, hogy idegenek ruhatarat magabiztosan osszeallitsam.
Amugy eddig is ezt csinaltam a barataimnak, szoval pont jo lesz ha ezert most meg fizetnenek is:)

Lassan eletbe lep az uj website-om is ehhez, amit mar nagyon varok mivel mar tok reg megterveztuk!


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