Katja, Tizi and me at a Halloween party last year at Annabel's London

Last year I was lucky enough to spent Halloween in New York with my partner in crime and party again after in London with her and the worstfriend but this year I am not yet sure where I ll be. Because of that I haven't given much thought on what to wear as a costume. So after an epic Saturday night out with Dorka and a 5am mention of a costume party in Budapest I thought I might need some ideas after all.

So here is my very last minute guide or rather my list of last minute ideas for Halloween this year!

The "Terry Richardson and/or Terry's models" 

The "Miley Cyrus at the VMA's"

The "Kim K at the Met Gala"

The "Suki from Fast & Furious 2"

The "Trinity from Matrix"

The "Someone from the nineties"
(basically anyone and anything from the 90s, it is so in anyway)


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