OMG! So many dreams come true this week in Cannes! First of all not only did I get to visit this beautiful city, but I got to visit it during Cannes film festival which is sooo fabulous. I also got to go to a film premier and was so lucky because the tickets were a gift and the film was a funny movie... I also got to the AMFAR GALA!!!! It has been a dream of mine for some time now and it was as fab as you could imagine. I saw so many famous people, sat next to Chiara Ferragni and walked past so many icons and partied all night long. Even the invitation was so fancy, it had a booklet and a pair of Moncler (!!) sunnies in it!

The dress I am wearing is a dress I made myself specially for Cannes. Heels are from Primark and bag is Zara.

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