In a previous post I talked about my fave scent and in this post I will share my very simple make up routine. I use very little make up and usually I carry the smallest bags but if it fits I take all that I use with me in a small but super spacious yellow make up bag!

MANGO make up bag (Love this one here | here | here | here | here

I have my nails done every 3 weeks with Shellac at a local manicure salon and I usually ask for a neutral colour so I can paint over it with other colours depending on what I feel like or what matches my outfit! I unfortunately need shellac on my nails as that is the only way they don't break.

I am using Nails Inc's St James here. My all time fave colours are this & this.

My favourite mascara is by Benefit and it's called Roller Lash. I love it because of the shape and build of the brush which is easy to use and gives amazing results! But it is just a bit too expensive so I found the perfect cheap version that has the same brush!

I always outline my lips when I use coloured lipstick to prevent it from running and smudging and also because this way I can reshape my lips, as I draw the line a little bit over my lip line and then fill it with the colour. My fave red is this one here!

I don't use foundation and eye shadow as I don't have good enough skills but I use a BB cream that I can only apply properly with an egg shaped blender sponge and I also use a bronzer on my cheeks (a rather dark one that shimmers a tiny bit like this one). I use pencil to do my eye make up. If I want to look really young I use a brown or black pencil only on the top lid and if I go out I do inside, outside everywhere!
As for my eyebrows, which is like the most important part of my make up, even if I don't put on any make up I do my brows, I love Eylure's brow pencil, unfortunately it is super hard to find, especially the right colour but it's worth looking!



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