I personally don't like push up bras or anything that is uncomfortable to wear on an everyday basis, but I know so many girls who would not go out the door without the help of it! So I want to introduce to you this new range, the Magic boost that is actually different from anything that you have tried before: it doesn't have a metal wire! Yayy! So whether it's to create the illusion of bigger boobs or correcting their shape & lifting Triumph is now your answer for all 3! We, as Triumph ambassadors had the chance to test out the range before its global launch at a fun day of shooting about a month ago and then attend the press preview which was even more fun with a magician performing for the press some cool tricks, without magically removing anyone's bras. It was a fun event filled editors, bloggers and Raffaellos, which I could not stop eating. So thank you for sponsoring the event!

Photos: Triumph

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