I  am no make up guru at all which is why you never see me doing tutorials. I only watch them. But I have a couple favourite products that I love and are so easy to use that I wanted to share them with you! 

Whatever I do I always start by using a toner. I love the Innisfree Jeju Lava seawater... 

For eyebrows I use the Benefit Cosmetics "Precisely, my brow" eyebrow pencil: which is super fine and like very easy to use to create natural looking but defined eyebrows. I use shade n4.

Then I use a Neutrogena Eyeliner which I found when I moved to the US and order it from Amazon Prime. It has 2 ends: one with the eyeliner the other with a smudging (for a smoky effect) and sharpening tool. So handy! I use either the cosmic black or spiced chocolate depending on my mood. 

Then I do my eyelashes: 1, I curl them a little 2, I use a primer: this eyelash primer is tinted so works as a mascara when you want a more natural look 3, The best for last, the roller lash to create the most amazing eyelashes! 

Get them here

*This post contains gifted items (my picks) and affiliate links which means if you buy something I will get a commission from the retailer (you will not be paying more because of this)

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