HALLOWEEN OUTFITS FROM NYC. We went to three Halloween parties in New York, and 2 of them were on the same night. On Friday we went to our friends party that he organized in a church in East Village and the second night on Saturday we went to an amazing party with Angels and Demons theme, one of the most amazing nights I had in a long time. Food never finished, there was an endless selection of great food, from burgers to sushi, with a cocktail bar where there were no queues ever and a great crowd. That same night, after we had a quick run home, to change to our trainers, we went to Brooklyn, for Robot Heart's party. This party was so huge, it looked like a house music arena at a festival. 
I was wearing my own creation. I always like to make my own costumes, as I find the ones in shops too tacky or just of extremely bad quality. I had on a Black see through strapless dress, with a hooded cape of the same fabric with Zara sandals and a gold H&M clutch that you barely see on these pictures. 

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