By using only strategically picked items, you can create a wardrobe that's versatile, works for you and your lifestyle, that is stylish but is not taking too much space up in your home. Having a capsule wardrobe also allows you to also save money in the long run. 

Here is a new edit of the Tiktok you might have seen:


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Please let me know which version you prefer to see in the future for capsule wardrobes...

You are not limited to wearing only these items, but rather look at this as a base to what you can add seasonal and in fashion items and accessories. 

So here are the screen shots of all the looks from my TikTok, which is to be doubled if you count shoe changes. Which should be counted, as the same top and jeans can look completely different when worn with heels or sneakers (or something else of your preference).

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Outfit details at the end of this post ☺️

1. White t-shirt looks

2. Tank top/bodysuit (or similar in a 
color that suits you) looks

3. On trend top (puff sleeves, shoulder pads top 
or something similar) looks

3. Black t-shirt (or a chiffon button down shirt) looks

4. White button down (of your choice) looks

5. Dress (of your choice) looks
Most dresses can be worn with a t-shirt underneath 
and depending on your dress you can wear it 
with your sneakers or fancier shoes too. 

6. Accessories
Choose a handbag that will go with everything.
When picking a jacket think about your lifestyle, a blazer is best if you want to be trendy (boyfriend blazer) but also presentable at work functions but you can choose a denim jacket or any other jacket that you think benefits you more. 

Another important note, choose pants that suit your body type. For me it's wide legged pants or tapered leg. But paperbag style doesn't look good on me for example. Or any other style that fits you best and that you find comfortable to wear for a long time. 


White and black t-shirts are from Amazon: This is my storefront (affiliate links)
Beige pants: here (gifted)
Black pants are old but the previous pair comes in black too and this is similar too (affiliate link)
Jeans are Levi's 501 (affiliate link)
Khaki green top: Zara
Blouse with puff sleeves: NastyGal (old) similar here (affiliate link)
Button down shirt: Missy Empire (gifted, Affliliate link)
Dress: Azalea SF Boutique
Skirt: HM (but old)
Nude heels: DSW old
Nikes: AF1/Shadow (affiliate Link)
Bag: MissLola (code "veronika" for discount) (gifted)
Blazer: Missy Empire (affiliate link, gifted)

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