This past Saturday after dinner we went to this warehouse kind of place called The Sidings (51-53 Southwark street). 

I have so many friends who are always in the know of what DJ is playing where. But as much as I love electronic music too, I know nothing. And I can just hope that one day maybe, I will learn some names in the industry, until then, I have to trust my friends.  

So we ended up at this place the same way, through a friend. I obviously had no idea where we were going, and me and Katja (click here to see who she is), we tried leaving before we got in because the entrance outside was a chaos, and we had to stand in the rain for what seems like a century (I had water dripping from my hair and my fur like it was Niagara falls). But once in, I had a great time

Photos by me and friends and strangers

DIY top | H&M skirt & clutch | TOPSHOP UNIQUE boots

It was one of those tunnel parties where the floor is uneven and ruined, making it extremely hard even to just stand, not to mention walk around in the crazy crowd in heels (see last picture: resting my feet). Now some people might ask "what the hell are you doing at these tunnels in heels?" And my answer is: I never actually know I will end up there. Consequence: development of a new 6am routine: going to sleep with a cold wet towel wrapped around my feet and knees.

I should really learn from the my past and just start to carry around my Nike runners anywhere I go. :)

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