me in my room before going out


This past week seemed to be about celebrations, I had several friends, including my worstfriend and also my mom who had their birthdays, I also had my dear friend, Nini from Barcelona visiting.
I must also say that it was the week of eastern European kitchen, a friend chose polish kitchen and an other Russian for their birthdays.

Nini and I in my room

Mari Vanna was the Russian restaurant we have been to, it is the only Russian restaurant that I have tried, and so I can most definitely say it is my favorite:). I just love that place for everything it is:
cute, cozy and delicious

My ultimate favorite dish there is the starter of Russian bread selection with spring onion and tasty butter (my Russian friend says it is just butter, but I am sure it is something more and consequently, better!) 

Katja, the Birthday girl at Mari Vanna

We also had different pickles, which I obviously love, being a Hungarian citizen; marinated mushroom, grilled sea bass and beef stroganoff. 

As always, it was a fabulous night with great food and the perfect company.

This same week I went to the preview of Christie's Post-war & Contemporary art auction (13th & 14th of February, London). More on that on Bambi's blog this week!

Excuse me for the face:) oops

VINTAGE coat | TCHIBO jumper | ZARA pants | DUNE shoes | FENDI bag

I also had a great night out with some close friends in Hoxton Bar and Kitchen. 

Andrea, Santi and Nini

With Nini, we also spent a considerable amount of time in Paperchase near Tottenham Court road where I bought this completely useless but super funny book: Never have a bad day ever again and in The Moomin shop in Covent Garden.

The book has a funny and completely obvious ideas about what should 
make you enjoy the given day, like: singing or popping bubblewrap or sticking your head out when its raining.


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