Another exhibition we went to. This one was in The Photographers Gallery in London where they had several collections showcased that time. One was, what we went to see, the Deutche Borse Photography Prize 2013 and the other one was a selection of photographs by Clare Aho (image above and below).

The actual picture that I came for was an image by Cristina de Middel. De Middel draws inspiration from 1964's Zambia and a space programme they were introducing. The selection of images is comprised of photography fictionally illustrating the facts found in newspapers from 1964 and photographs of the newspaper articles and letters from the time of the alleged space programme of Zambia. 
The photograph on the left was my favourite.

The Astronaut walking up the hill.

It is my favourite for many reasons: I love pictures that portray calmness, and especially if they are set in the nature. (it is very similar in that sense to another photograph I bought in Stockholm's photographers gallery); but I also love the weirdness of the astronaut's outfit: it is just a childish creation,  something that I would call "takolmany' in Hungarian: 

Wellies with a fish tank and picnic basket. 

I love the contrast of the idea of the person's thinking and the setting. 
I see a wannabe astronaut, a person trying too hard, but I also see the calmness of the nature with the freedom of this person. It all just makes me feel relaxed, longing for the freedom of the weird and careless.

 If you have the time and you are in London, go and visit this show and make sure you read what the articles and the letters say:
"They are all trying to capture Matha, and my cats. They want our space secrets."
Of course I had to take a picture of a flying cat in the spacesuit.

One other photographer's work caught my eye: Mishka Henner.


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