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Last pictures taken in New York. The Met, its rooftop and a walk starting in The meatpacking on the Highline and some of the art from there.

There is an installation in the roof garden of The Met every year. This year Imran Qureshi was asked to paint instead of a usual 3D installation. He used his signature print/painting style but in dark red. The work changes from day to day: it fades and washes off with time and will most probably be removed at the end of its season. 

Some of the works from inside The Met.

The poor creature climbing off of the wall.

Love the cow looking at the painting of a cow. 
It represents the dialogue between contemporary and old masters: Mark Tensey's cow is looking at Paulus Potter's cows (The young Bull, 1647) with Monet's painting by its side, Grainstack (Snow Effect) while scientists examine its reaction.

Dialogue: African art then & now.

Venkavision Streetview. ahaha.

Entry onto the Highline is underneath the greens behind the cab (image below)

"The High Line is a public park built on an historic freight rail line elevated above the streets on Manhattan’s West Side." via

Various art pieces along the Highline, unfortunately missed a few.

There is a shop and a coffee/resto place around midway and other seating and tables free to use as it would be in a normal park.

El Anatsui's wall installation (below)

Now I am in Budapest for a quick but very busy visit, so I will update on that later! xx


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