As many of you may already know, Showstudio is my favourite place for inspiration. The website, the gallery, the tumblr, all of them I love a lot. My hunger for fashion films is also best fulfilled here where Ruth Hogben and Nick Knight premier all of their best stuff. (my favourites on my Tumblr)

You probably have seen these new videos created for Fendi & Kanye (click!), somewhere else but you might not have yet heard their illustrated telephone interviews with stylists & editors about their favourite punk moments in fashion.


I feel like it is very difficult to be revolutionary or set new trends and ideas these days in the fashion world (and maybe in other industries too) and although I always watch the shows and think how beautiful and how amazing and new some of the collections are, I might not consider them punk. 

Watch the videos to get the sense of the much needed punk spirit in fashion according to these industry experts.

Punk moment for me this season:

From 60s simple to 70s punk. From conformity to rebel. From 2012/13 minimal to 2013/14 glamorous & mesmerizing extravaganza. From simple ideas to stunningly beautiful constructions. From comfortable looks to sculpted looks.


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