As you might already noticed I loooooove Ashish (outfits: Here & Here & Here). Everything from Ashish at anytime.
This season was even more amazingly mesmerizing: from the ripped jeans made out of sequins to the plastic grocery imitations, from dresses to baggy sporty silhouettes (to the disappointment of most men) everything was fabulously beautiful to my eyes and would wear 24/7! Just look at how beautifully the ripper parts of the denim is made!
 He is originally from India, but he is a London based designer known for his sequined pieces. Whatever he design is covered in sequins, for those who don't know these sequined garments are as far away from the those you can find on the highstreet as I am from Mars (which is very unfortunate). These are easily recognizable and beautifully made. His parents had a sequin factory in India which is how he got into sequining everything! 

Unfortunately I wasn't close enough to take a good picture of the details, So I am borrowing these 2 detail images from other instagrammers who were present at the show. Ps: for those who don't live in London and don't know, the neon green bag with S&M is the sequin parody of the M&S bag, that's the grocery store of Marks & Spencer.

And last night I suffered from Post Show Syndrome, I had to wear my Ashish dress (AW10) to a dinner party at Loulou's. 


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