This post is number 500 so let's celebrate it with some of my fave party photos from each place I love going out in Budapest. 

Realizing that this is the 500th post came very handy. I've been in bed with this annoying flu since Monday evening that prevented me from taking advantage of the amazing sunlight and taking outfit photos with my freshly-recovered-from-the-flu photographer. 

Anyways if you are not one of the lucky ones attending NYFW and enjoying the night life in New York City and happen to be in Budapest looking for a place to spend your free evenings to early mornings than you are more than advised to look through what follows to get inspired.


Aka BoB. I always thought this place was called Bob until recently I discovered what is written on the ceiling. I started with this place because this is where you want to start your week of night outs. Bob is best on every second Wednesday, when they host their 'Csajszerda' nights (Ladies Wednesday, sounds way better in hungarian of course). 

With Nini, lovely friend from London, who also spent her winter holidays in Budapest. 

Dorka, my fab-best partner in crime.

Bisztro on Moszkva square is where I always used to and still go before a night out, on a light evening with friends or summer afternoons (which is the best, because of their terrace). I go there because I am from the Buda side of the city and this is the first social place you reach when entering the city center.  It is not a fancy place so if you only hang out in fab places forget this.

Management made the best decision (from a money making point of view) by installing a quiz machine asking all sorts of questions, some normal and some other only Google might know. But don't worry if you lose, you can use the receipt to buy drinks.

Anna and a bisztro beer (which is what you want to drink here)

Dob3 is my newest favourite place to be. It is a beer bar, serving so many types of beers you may never get to the end of it. They also serve other drinks. Whiskey is their second speciality. I love the vibe of the place. It is lit with orang-y yellowy lights giving it a  warm feeling and they serve burgers. Enough for me. I would come here any day they are open (closed on Sundays)

Our selection.

Tokio is originally a restaurant with a beautiful view over at the Buda side of the city, but still in the heart of Pest. I have to shamefully admit I have never been here to eat but it is only a matter of who is taking me? Anyways, if you eat here, I checked the menulooks good to share. Order together with your friends or date and than stay for the party! Join the crowd any night of the weekend and ask for whatever they want to serve you. You won't be dissapointed. 

From this picture Trafiq kind of looks like a stable. But it is the exact opposite, if that exists. This place is the second oldest on my list. I was here at the opening, at the pre-opening and every single weekend of when I am in Budapest. I don't know why, it is just good. To spend a night here like we do, visit all of the 'rooms', ask for a drink at all of the bars and take a selfie in the loo mirror. Then go downstairs and eat something (highly recommended) to avoid a crazy hangover the day after. 
Only for the weekend! Ohh don't try to steal the fruits!

I never met the Tag (member) before I visited her with friends at her party home in central Budapest. We were invited by my friend Dorka. Basically it is a party apartment where you can drink/ask for as many shots of Rezangyal as you wish. 'The Member' is your hostess, responsible for putting together all sorts of parties from small gatherings to organizing events at festivals. The member changes every six month and if you know one, you are invited. 

As you can see, endless.


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