Personal style blog Venkavision by Veronika Molnar

ZARA top | ZARA skirt | ZARA shoes | ZARA bag | & OTHER STORIES sunglasses
Personal style blog Venkavision by Veronika Molnar

Wow, this look turned out to be an all Zara look. This is just another proof of how bad the high street shopping situation is in Budapest. I like shopping and looking at things in person, I enjoy the time when I am in shops looking at all the pretty things, so I very rarely order online, but I feel like, that it is about time I get used to the idea of it, because there isn't really anything available in our small city. Even the same shops have a different (boring) merchandise here.  
I actually wore this outfit on Thursday, for the Fashion Awards Hungary event, where my bloggersister was nominated (and won in my eyes) 
PS.: Last night a stranger from the UK asked me my 3 top differences between London and Budapest: I said Food, Music & People's attitude, all of these 1-0 to London, I am now officially adding Fashion too.

Blog Venkavision wearing all Zara


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