ZARA knit | ZARA denim shorts (similar here) | CONVERSE shoes

It is just so rare that I wear flats. I know they are very much in, and so looking good is probably not an excuse at this moment, but still I just feel so much better wearing pretty shoes.
It makes it possible to wear oversized pyjama looking clothing (which as you know I love) without looking sloppy. Wearing heels 90% of the time sometimes for periods of 18hours made me feel almost no pain anymore no matter what shoes I put on, which is also a plus.
I made an exception this past weekend, for I don't know what reason, I just felt like it, and went for drinks wearing converse hi tops.
This year it is a strangely cold August so I wore a knitted jumper but with the sleeves turned up to give a more summery feel to it.

Photos: Peter Bognar



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