Emmaroz is 2 things: first of all a bespoke tailoring salon & secondly an apparel manufacturer producing the clothing lines of more and more hungarian designers. Last night I attended the opening event where we saw a fashion show in Hungi, an amazing building (pictures above) in front of the Emmaroz Salon and then a private reception at the salon itself. Above you can see my favorite pieces from the designers I loved the most from the show; and below I am showing you the amazing interior of the Salon.

The salon's reception desk when you enter. Emmaroz tissues, wines and flowers in the shop's signature colour: yellow that you will see throughout the shop as the only other colour than white. I must say it is a beautiful combination.

The waiting room downstairs, is where you first go if you have an appointment, to meet with the shop staff & to get inspired by all the amazing fashion magazines on the walls

 Upstairs is where you find the fitting room for bespoke tailoring.

 Downstairs there is a second area, with a designer shop selling clothing from brands that Emmaroz works for.

Emmaroz founder/owner Eniko Szenasi with the designer, Miklos Kiss who brought Eniko's dreams to life by coming up with the brand's identity and interior of the salon.

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