So last week Tiziana and I went to Miami for Art Basel. You might have "met" her here on my blog in previous posts. We left from London on the 2nd of December with a morning flight which isn't the best knowing that you will be flying 10 hours after night time and will arrive early afternoon in Miami. We tried getting very little sleep so we can sleep on the plane. Thankfully the flight was almost empty so I had a whole row of seats to sleep on.

We stayed in Fontainebleau Miami, which is kind of like on the north side of Miami Beach, great location. This Hotel is huge, Tiziana kept comparing it to Dubai Airport. It had a nice beach side and also pools, restaurants and a night club, LIV.

We ate in Blade one of the hotel's restaurants on our arrival to the hotel the first day, which serves sushi. It was great we ordered loads to share like sashimi selections, miso soup, edamame and seaweed salad. We only had time to take a walk on the beach the first morning and then to hang by the pool on our last day, because we went for Art Basel so there was loads to see and do, and the weather was also kinda rainy and unpredictable most of the other days. 

We had Tiziana's art mentor/advisor to talk us through Miami Art Basel, Miami Design and Untitled. 


From Design Miami our favorite was HAAS brothers, go have a look.


Apart from the dinners, and parties and art we went shopping on Lincoln road in Miami Beach which is a street reserved for walking full of shops from high end to high street and restaurants. 

Some other daytime activities included a boat ride from Hibiscus Island to The Standard Hotel some beach time after a photoshoot, shopping and walks around Miami Beach.



We visited several places during the night although we had a night of passing out from jetlag-ed partying too much. From Soho house, Edition hotel, Delano, W Hotel, the Wall, MR Chow to who knows where we went to also.


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