I went to Milan with some friends for just 40 hours. From sightseeing to eating & drinking to spa-ing we did everything and had a great time. Here is my short post to show you some of my faves and most interesting things from these 40hours.

My friend Eva, who used to live in Milan showed me around the first afternoon we were there. While walking I realized that wherever we went, there was a so called famous shopping street, area or department store! No wonder Italians dress so well:)
On Via Montenapoleone, where you will find high end luxury brands, you kept on stepping on these designer tiles...

VINTAGE coat | ZARA jumper | H&M trousers | NIKE shoes

Staying in Bvlgari hotel was perfect, it is right in the center, very stylish and comfy spa, where I spent my second and last day's afternoon while everyone else has already left for the airport.

After a late morning we decided to take a walk in the centre around the Duomo di Milan and went for lunch on the top on La Rinascente at Il Bar. We decided to eat on the terrace for the view where there were other restos, like a mozarella bar, which I unfortunately didn't see only after lunch. Anyways, I had an amazing pasta dish and the others were happy with their meals too there!

Fratelli Prada store is the original Prada brand from 1913, which was ran by the Prada brothers (one of them being Miuccia's grandfather) and functioned as a luxury leather shop. (More)

The most amazing Zara store I have ever seen right by the Duomo. This is the entrance you see from the street!
All the food! Yum!

If there is Burrata on the menu I will order it :D

After dinner we went to this cocktail bar called the Nottingham Forest, where you could find the most amazing and fun cocktails! If you are in Milan, you must go! But make sure you are ready to wait, as you can only go in if there is a free table.


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