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Photos: Eva Pavlusova

Oh my god, I still can't believe I am in Cannes. I am so grateful to my friends who made this happen because visiting Cannes has been a dream of mine for so long!
Cannes is beautiful, all of the palm trees the amazing villas and the cute little streets, I just love it. Especially now that it is the Cannes Film festival here. We arrived here Monday morning after a weekend in Paris with an overnight train with sleeping cars. I must say that wasn't as fun as one would imagine especially because that afternoon I had a bad case of food poisoning that did not get better for the train journey either. I took a night train before like 10 years ago to Prague, thinking it will be so much fun and a unique experience, but I had to realize it isn't any of that. Going to Prague we were woken at every border to have our passports checked and the sleeping cars are just tiny. I thought things will be different on french trains, but really it isn't. I am terrified of flying since last summer, and every time I take a flight i am fighting my panic attack but honestly I think it is still better than being stuck on a train for this long.
The first night my friends who I came here with managed to get us in for a premiere even. The 'montée des marches' for me was just like when I first went to a fashion week. The excitement made me forget my weak body and that I didn't have any real food for the past 24 hours. 
I didn't wear the dress I made because I decided to wear it when we all go to one together so I just wore a simple black dress I got in Zara I think last year. 
Only the celebrities and VIPs get to get out from their cars in front of the red carpet, all others with tickets walk from the side to the red carpet, next to the crowd on the street, where they check the tickets and then you wait to be called to walk. When it is just ticket holders walking the red carpet is very crowded and you sort of rushed through. Once inside, you are guided to your seats, everything is very quick and very well organized. We were sitting in the orchestra and then it was time to watch all the rest walk in live on the screen. Last ones to walk were the director and people from the movie. We watched Inside Out and I am so glad for this because it could have been some serious, emotional movie that I wouldn't be able to sit through (I regularly walk out from movies, as I once fainted during one from all the violence and blood). After the movie I wanted to go back to the red carpet to take some outfit pictures but we couldn't it was for the film crew's photo op again but hopefully if we manage to go again, and now that we know how it works we will do it before the movie :)


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