Just like last year, I asked one of my best friends, Miklos (a super well known interior and graphic designer) to put together a list that will help people out there what to buy as a Xmas gift for a man or for him very specifically!

1. The Nordic cook book (Get it here) just becuase who doesn't want the men around them to be able to and to be inspired to cook? ;)
2. Good looking watch is something every men needs! This vintage looking one (get it here) is from Asos but if your chosen man has a different taste there are loads more to choose from here!
3. M&S has great selection of leather belts (buy this one here), which is a good option to buy as a gift as you can always get them made smaller if you need to or don't exactly know the size!
4. A better looking sports bag... (buy it here)
5. A book about beer :) (buy the beer book here)
6. Great pair of vintage looking sunnies from Asos!
8. A simple yet good looking sweater for winter layering (buy this one here)
9. Useless good looking design objects, like a wooden toothbrush :D (get it)
10. A card holder to store all the cards to pay with for buying you presents ;) ( a must, get it here)
11. I have met men who just didn't care about basics like good looking bedsheets, so I am glad Miklos included it on this list! Get this monochrome set from Urban Outfitters!
12. A funny book Miklos spotted while in London last month. It's a book written in Shakespearean style, but the story is Star Wars! Buy this book no one will ever read here!
13. A Topman scarf!
14. This scent thing is something Miklos has been talking about for ages... I don't think it is very manly so some might get offended, but maybe they all want it secretely :D (if you dare risk it, this one is from here)

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