The easiest gift for any girl out there is a make up bag filled with usefull little, even cheap things! Believe me, even if you think you don't know what she uses, she will be happy for it and find a use for it! Any make up is just always useful, because who doesn't need a new masacara, a contour kit, a brow pencil or just a another chapstick or nailpolish?! So just get a cute make up bag from above and start filling it from the list below :)
1. The best mascaras! They are very similar in terms of brush build but with different still on the cheaper end of make ups, so it's up to you which brand you prefer :P
2.  Brow definition! I have tried the pencil which I really love and the ink from the same brand but the next one I will go for is a brow powder and this gel like thing from Anastasia BH.
3. For the face! Contour kits, bb cream, foundation... so many things on the market to buy!
4. For the eyes. A great set of brushes and thi smust have eye colour palette is on everyone's wishlist!
5. Lipsticks, red, matte and lip balm
EOS lip balm | MAC lipstick | Topshop lipstick

 And a bonus list of little things that will look good in any flat, room, or hands of it's owner!
1. Tray | 2. Instax camera | 3. Notebook | 4. Candles | 5. Selfie lighting iPhone case | 6. Wall decor | 7. Cool phone cases: my fave are these, but there are some cool ones here and here too!


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