So this summer I finally visited Las Vegas!!! We stayed at Encore at the WYNN down the strip and this was my view! Managed to make it into a perfect and 100% Las Vegas couple of days! Including the playing and WINNING in a casino (at Caesar's Palace) & spending the money on shoes, spending loads of one dollar bills and drinking funny vodka in a strip club, visiting and shooting at a shooting range, eating out in amazing restaurants, taking a heli ride to the Grand Canyon, seeing two shows: Le Reve (this one was so good, the best show I have ever seen in my life, very beautiful) and Michael Jackson (I am a huge fan, but I fell asleep on this one).
 Entrance and Spa at the Encore
Shooting guns in Las Vegas. Unfortunately I wasn't allowed to shoot the guns I wanted to! I've been told they were too powerful! It sounds like I wanted to shoot big machine guns, but no, I just wanted the cute silver ones that look like they are from a cowboy movie. It was a lot of fun shooting the target but the automatic setting is soo boring... Above are the cars that came to pick us up from the hotel to take us to the range. It's the whole experience. The place is called Battlefield: Vegas!
Did you follow my Las Vegas trip on Snapchat? My username is vero.molnar! Btw, I won playing blackjack, that I played for the first time, after watching people play while my friend explained a bit! I definitely suggest you play a bit, choose a table with small bids, than you can't loose much...
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Outer parts of Las Vegas from the helicopter
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 In front of the Bellagio where we walked all the way from our hotel to take outfit photos (see it here) thinking it will be a nice little 30 minute walk, while we also do a little sightseeing, well no. It was more than 1 hour and since it was 40+ degrees outside we couldn't walk on the streets, we had to walk inside the casinos along The Strip, enter and exit each one along the way, because there at least the weather was nice, but it also means we didn't see much of the city...
This city was really interesting coming from Europe, especially from Budapest, all the fountains, lights, music from the bushes by the pedestrian sidewalks just so unique and so much fun! 
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Now, this isn't a Las Vegas look, style wise but perfect for from outside heat to indoors air-con situation!
 Le Reve, my favourite show ever, if you are in Vegas it is a must see!
 Eva, miss you too much
The inside of The Venetian. At night. With a fake daytime Venice interior, complete with gondolas that you can ride. This place is so big, got lost not once; and the fake sky made me so dizzy :D
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This was my look for the casino and strip club night

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