Many of you may have already seen some pictures on my instagram account hinting of a collab with Triumph... Et voila, here it is! It was very different shooting lingerie than clothing, we were in a flat that we thought was going to be impossible to shoot in as it is just not a shooting kind of location :P, secondly I don't know my poses yet :D Took us more than the usual ten mins, actually it was about 2-3 hours to finish with all the underwear sent to us by the PR of Triumph Hungary!

It was very exciting to shoot something completely new, that I thought was so out of my comfort zone, but also rewarding for that same reason! I remember my first bra was from a Triumph store but never actually went back, as I became more interested in fast fashion and super trendy pieces for underwear (as I am sure many of you too) but seeing what they actually have now again makes me confident in saying that quality does look good at Triumph!

I remember being in store having the assistants help me learn what my size and fit is for bras and sadly for Hungary but this place is the only lingerie store in Hungary where you will get proffessional help to find the one bra that is perfect for you! So before you waste anymore time wearing the wrong fit, that is also I must tell you very unhealthy, book your appointment for a fitting in store here or visit this website to learn more!

On these pictures I wanted to show you guys that not only bras and bottoms can be beautifully made but shaping lingerie too. So I hope that you will be inspired to check out the pieces in store and your pefect piece!


Shot by Judit Szuromi

In collaboration with Triumph

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