Just in the middle of finding a new photographer, which is the most difficult thing in a blogger's life! It doesn't only have to be a person, who has a camera, and/or likes to take pictures! It has to be someone who you can work with in the long term, who you can trust, and who has the eye to create not only beautiful pictures but pictures that convey your visual style. So yes, it is hard :D But being such a lucky girl that I can be sometimes, one of my best friend's girlfriend has a camera, has the eye, has the same esthetic so will see what this collaboration can bring for both of us! How do you guys like these new pictures?

About the outfit, I've been into the 90's fashion for so long can't even remember. Shot this last weekend before going out for the Burger and beer fest in Millenaris park, where it also proved to be appropriate and comfy ;) The choker is my design again, the socks new season Topshop but the rest is past seasons clothes but in a 2016 way!

Shop below in this post a selection of dresses that I think would work great with a t shirt underneath it!

TOPSHOP socks & dress | CATERPILLAR shoes | F&F coat | PRIMARK bag


Photography by Eszter Sarah Cseh

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