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Feels so weird sitting here in bed super ill but still so happy. I have a little reminder that something amazing happened last week by my side... So finally we got to find out who won the F&F x Joy magazine blogger competition during an event held at TUTU budapest last Wednesday evening! 
I went to the event with some of my closest friends, my sister and my BFF who were as excited about this as me. They sat with me at the table and let me drink their drinks too as stress was taking over me. At one point I even left the room because I couldn't stand seeing/hearing myself talk on a big screen in front of all of these people (watch these videos on Joy Magazine's website) before finding out the results...  Congrats to all the girls who won! More on the F&F blog.

I am beyond happy, can't even express in words kind of happy about the fact that I won the blogger of the year award this year! I worked really hard for this and it paid off. This gives me so much inspiration to continue with new strength and maybe explore other aspects of blogging, so stay tuned and if you have any requests or something that you would love to see here, comment or send an email :)

Winning here means that I will get the chance to also blog for F&F and Joy Magazine and appear in the December issue of Joy magazine! Can't wait to start this new chapter and share it all with you.

I decided on the outfit like 1 hour prior to leaving for this event, since my work schedule was so busy I didn't have the time think or go shopping before. Luckily I had this embroidered leather dress that I borrowed from the F&F showroom couple days before for a shoot that matched perfectly my EGO thigh high boots that I bought a couple of weeks ago online and turned out to be my best online buy (perfect and true to size, same as shown on the pictures). By the way, check out my previous outfit with these shoes ➡️ HERE) The only problem was that the dress is of size 14 when I am size 6 max 8 that is why I added the belt. But it worked out perfectly and at least I could accept my award in an F&F outfit!


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