NUBU dress & bag | CINCIN AMICA shoes

So this week I finally decided no matter what I will have time for photoshoots, because I've missed blogging so much. But i am just the sort of person who will get lost between to-dos and than in the end not do 70% of what I wanted. I know I just need dedication blabla but I feel like there is just so much that you can do in a day. Like, if you have friends, a boyfriend, a full time job, an apartment that you have to take care of, a stomach you have to feed and so on... Anyway just have to get back to where I can manage all this like before! Hope you will stay with me despite this long absence and follow the looks and travels I post here! 

About this outfit, as you know NUBU is like one of my favourite Hungarian brands, their aesthetic (even if you might think at first that it is too minimalistic for me) just so right for me. This linen dress was the first thing I fell in love with in the store, just so summery, fresh and so pretty but also comfortable. Just perfect for this crazy summer heat. I actually picked this look up at their MOM park store, a must visit & just so you know they have things starting at couple thousand forints 😉

 📸 Eszter Sarah

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