INQ dress & jacket| LEANEA bracelet| JUREKKA wallet

Last week I visited my friend's, Evi's showroom that is home to a couple really cool hungarian designer brands. To be exact 4 really cool brands. INQ a clothing brand that has the most unique cuts and clothes that you can wear in different ways when wanted; a jewelry brand, LEANEA who has minimal but very interesting shapes, like this hand piece that I am wearing (these ones you can get in your size and hand shape); Jurekka, a leather accessories brand specfialising in laptop bags, tablet and mobile phone sleeves and other small leather goods; and Thinwood specialising in hand crafted eyewear using high quality lightweight wood as frames.

The outfit I am wearing is a super cool, girly dress that can be adjusted at the straps and is in contrast with the edgy cut out sleeved jacket, which I really love! 


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