I was one of the lucky #sfbloggers to be invited to check out and shop the new 2019 fall collection in store a couple weeks ago and I couldn't have been happier. Not only because it's such an honor to be invited by brands you love but also because I wear VS bras almost exclusively. 

So last year I had a minor surgery, I needed to have a mole removed (guys have your skin checked) from my right breast and I needed to wear push up bra for at least six months until it was properly healed. I went to Victoria's Secret, and I know customer service is everything in the US but it is next level in VS. First they take your measurements and explain a couple things which were super useful for me, someone who hated wearing bra( never used to) because I never found one that's comfortable. I learned that the bra has to fit perfectly when on the loosest hook because it will stretch over time and you will need the extra hooks! So the VS sales girl was actually so nice and went to grab a couple styles she thought I would want, according to my needs and I didn't even have to move from my fitting room. Needless to say, I loved them all and left with four bras. 

This time I was looking for more statement pieces and trendy items that I could also wear as part of an outfit. My first pick was this logo print body from the "LUXE COLLECTION" that has an open back (check my video in the embedded Instagram post) low V cut on the front. I also picked up the bra and panty set in green from this logo print which I think is super trendy now and a gold bandeau style piece that I imagine would look fab with a linen shirt on holidays. 

 Check this post with an additional fashion video on Instagram below 

Check this styling video where I styled underwear into outfits


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