Beginning of December the Hubby and I went on a ski trip up to Mammoth lakes and preparing and planning what to pack I realised that there is so much to know about what you need on a ski trip.

I am not really a ski fanatic, in fact I have only skied like 6 times in my life. Packing for skiing is fairly new to me, so I imagine that some of you might also be new to skiing having no clue what to pack or what to pay attention to when shopping for ski gear. I mean ski outfit, as you will probably just rent your gear (boots and skis) if you are a beginner.

1. Base Layers

It is super important to pay attention to your base layer. It looks like a normal pair of leggings and just a tight top, but it's not. It is actually absorbing your sweat and heat to keep you warm and dry. There is nothing worse than feeling a wet layer of clothing under your ski outfit! just imagine brrr and it would most probably make you feel colder too. So pay special attention and only buy your base leggings and top at a specialty shops. I got mine back in a ski sports shop in Hungary 2 years ago and it is from a brand called Dainese. They make ski and motorcycle gear.
I have this top in black CLICK HERE  and these pants also in black CLICK HERE.

Here are a couple others I think are cute:

2. Socks

I bought a new pair of ski socks during this trip at Mammoth lakes and I learned a lesson. Even though it said it's the warmest pair of socks it wasn't at all especially compared to my old ski socks. The difference when I compared the socks was not only the material of the warmer pair were "fluffier" and "fuzzier" I discovered that the toe area was of a much thicker material on the warmer pair than on the new one. And it made all the difference. The good ones were from this brand CLICK HERE. I like the over the calf and wear a size M for my EU38-39 size foot.

Some other picks for you:

3. Fleece

Fleece is like my favourite part of the layering because it's warm, soft and fuzzy. MY husband doesn't like them because he finds it to warm so wears a different much cooler layer instead. But I love it. I am always cold even in warmer parts of California so a fleece is a must for me. I like it when it zips all the way down just cause sometimes it will get to warm and you want to be able to remove layers easily and I like it to be a really long fit to cover my hips at the back as it is always just so cold there! Got my new fleece sweater from NorthFace this cyber Monday and here it is: CLICK HERE

4. Your actual ski outfit

I got my ski jacket and pants from OYSHO which is a sportswear and underwear brand from Inditex (ZARA) and I love them. I got them 2 years ago so I can definetly tell you that it is good quality and works and that is is water resistant and all. I wanted something that is timeless and stylish as I planned on not getting new outfit for long time. So I chose a form fitting pair of pants with high waist nt only because that is flattering but it also keeps you warmer. I really wanted a skinny fit but the way the skinny pants end inside your ski boots is not very comfortable for me unfortunately so I got one that goes over your boots but is a skinny fit until your knees. The jacket is also a feminine style with a belt at the waist which I think is also a timeless and always stylish fit.

I actually changed the fir on the hood of my Oysho jacket from the original black to white. I just thought it made it more chic and unique!

What I actually really wanted was a cute ski suit but unless I live on the slopes and can go home to use the restroom I wouldn't wear a one piece. Just imagining it touching the bathroom floor while I try to pee disgusts me lol.

if you are serious about skiing in the future you should invest in the ski jacket and pants as you don't actually need a new one every season if you choose smart :)

I am linking a couple of my favourite ski fits here including ski suits because they are so cute here:


Like helmet, goggles, neck warmer and gloves! YOU NEED THEM ALL!

I have a helmet that is together with the goggles/visor and I love this style! It's like wearing and extremely oversized pair of sunnies. Looks a bit alien but still cute. Underneath I wear a neck warmer or a balaclava that also covers my head. Looks a bit funny and makes me look super ugly but I prefer this style especially when it is windy and because it also keeps my hair in place. I got one at Mammoth lakes from the softest material from CLICK HERE.  My gloves are Salomon.


I don't own my own yet but when I will it will probably be Nordica boots. The last two times I went skiing Nordica was the only brand whose boots didn't hurt my ankles. I am thinking my ankles might be positioned in an unusual spot as many (all I have tried so far) other brands were hurting the same way. So don't be shy and try as many as possible before renting your ski boots.
Also don't be afraid to ask for shorter skis than what they suggest if you are a beginner (or just simply always scared) as it makes skiing so much easier.


You will also need a pair of moon boots or something similar for when you walk around the village.

I also love having a belt bag or a mini backpack on me while skiing to hold my mini water bottle and some snacks and my sunglasses. My ski jacket is fitted so I need the extra space :)

Hope I was able to give you some great tips on what to look out for! LMK :)
Where is everyone skiing this winter?


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