I used to work at Browns where I got the position of merchandising and styling one of their branches while working as a sales assistant. I was responsible for it during my gap year at Uni. I became very interested in how it really works as I knew that sense of style is not enough to do this job. So instead of learning from a book or from a tutor at Uni I was lucky to have Browns mentors teaching me all the skills, secrets and technical knowledge needed to work as a VM in a multibrand atmosphere. I am forever thankful for that opportunity.

This is why, the beginning of this month, I was invited to work with the Hungarian Design store in London as a fashion assistant. 

I helped in creating a fashionable atmosphere in the shop where we received a huge bunch of unedited collections from Hungarian designers. Unfortunately the previous fact and problematique fixtures of the store space did not allow for a brand by brand merchandising. Anyways the clothes looked really great next to each other at the end so I guess I managed to make a stylish order in the shop out of a stylish mess. 

AERON sheer top | ZARA trousers | ZARA trainers

 Flowers from Columbia road Flower market that we picked up with Hungarian Design in London Founder, Orsi Ivanyi, who also writes the popular blog: Neverordinary London
 Come by to the shop if you are into minimal design and the colours black & beige. 
We are open until the end of this month. 

Clothes from AERON, NUBU, IMOGEN
Shoes from TISZA CIPO
But you can also find other things from Hungary: decorations, cook book, chocolate & items with traditional Hungarian prints.


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