On bridge Lanchid
ZARA top | PRIMARK jeans | TOPSHOP sandals | MIEZKO bag

 I have been very much into this asymmetric top lately, it is the closest I could find on the highstreet to my dream top.
I really like the Spain inspired look this summer. For example I paired this top with the skinny jeans and tall platform sandals. If you want to go a this way but keep it modern too, wear it with simple slingback sandals. And always add something red.

Ooh la la. I'm in Budapest. After our little get together and filming at the Hungarian design store on Thursday evening I just could not fall asleep and finally around 2-3am I ended up getting a next day ticket to my hometown. 

The next morning I packed and left for the airport after a quick stop at my worstfriend's place. Having not been able to reach any of my closest relatives until 2 mins before take off I could not ask my mom to prepare my fave dish for the evening. 

Most of my friends have left for festivals and family/boyfriend trips I am spending this time bonding with my parents and my good friend and designer Miklos who is luckily a regular in the Hungarian nightlife.So many new places open here all the time, amazing new bars and clubs and I never get to the end of this list.

We visited a few places, already on Friday: Meter bar where you can buy shots by the meter (a meter long plate that contains several shot glasses filled with one chosen drink) and Csendes, (means Quiet) where the interiors were nothing close to the idea of quiet-ness. I spent most of my time there looking at the walls and the ceiling discovering whats on it. Friday we were all about eating anywhere we stepped foot into. After Kolor and a walk by Resto Tokio and bar Bob (places left to discover later) on our way to Lanchid, one of Budapest's bridges where we wanted to take a walk and a few pictures; we spotted the best place. It was a pop up tech party by Kacsako Bistro, actually a pop up summer sort of outlet for a pub elsewhere by the river Danube. They made the bank side similar to the original pub by laying sand all over. We spotted it from the bridge then decided to join the party and I danced barefoot in the sand with a  drink the hand :) 
After late snack at Kolor

Hungarian pub time

People dancing in the sand at a pop up party
Walking towards Froccsterasz, one of the loveliest bars in the capital 
Kissmiklos wearing a tee that he collaborated on with Hungarian fashion brand, Nubu
By Erzsebet square 
The bar at the Pop up party: everything is HUF400, suspicious but works

Just being myself
 Late night food stop for others

Onlookers from the bridge above

The food end of the bar at Kolor 
 Dancing in the sand

 Party people playing with the shadows of their hands on the screen
Snack & beer 
 Lanchid and party in the background


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