With love from the Isle of Portland
Picture taken of the polaroid picture taken of me sitting on a cliff by the english seaside. 

Having a lovely time out here in the middle of nowhere (as it seems coming straight from London). We are on the isle of Portland in Dorset exploring the nature for 3 days. I am not a small town type of person but from time to time I enjoy the views and fun of exploring places with beautiful scenery. It is very relaxing! 

IPhone photo update on the train back home
Walking from the hotel on the coast to the lighthouse
Our view every morning. Easier to wake up to this!
In the sunset on the west coast of the island
Walked all the way the the north (Chesil Beach) of the island on the west coast. This is what we saw looking back.
Chesil beach, this is a several hundred meter long pebble beach connecting Portland and the mainland. Taking pebbles from this beach was forbidden:(
Fancy's farm. We visited this farm where this cute goat was scratching (I think) his neck :)
Somewhere before the ruins/stones of Tout Quarry, we found an old & abandoned cemetery with a church.

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