I have decided to do a few posts on basic rules of dressing, since so many of my friends and family members ask for advice and watsapp me from fitting rooms with images of themselves. 
Thinking hours in front of the mirror. 
I love helping out in this department so I thought if my friends have these questions than surely a lot of you out there too! So help yourself, and find the best styles for you with my guide!

Before I start on that, of let me share a list of forbidden things, that you should avoid at all times and at all costs when getting dressed!

1. Never let the bottom of your top meet just the top part of your bottom! Your top should either be longer, or cropped; or your other option is to wear high waisted bottoms with tucked in tops or cropped tops. (exception: if you don't have a defined waistline don't wear high waisted, it will accentuate your undefined waistline, and you only want to highlight good features)

2. Never wear outworn t-shirts (unless outworn means ripped or faded), I think it looks really cheap to wear them when after lots of wash and by wearing bags, the fabric becomes too used. It looks cheaper than anything, so when it is used just bin it and get a new one or buy one of these machines to remove the bits (it is one of my must haves, but I never knew what they were called).

3. Get the heels of your shoes fixed. We all hear and see what state they are in!

4. Cut off the wool badge from the outside of the arms of coats, cut open the pockets and the behinds of the coats.

Now, lets get to the what to do part:) 


First of all you have to determine your body line and figure. Whatever you are embrace it by dressing accordingly. It will change a lot in your appearance. Always remember to draw the eye to focus on your best assets and not to your not so good ones. Remember never to put horizontal lines on the widest part of your body (eg: Jacket, top, skirt hem, or low rise jeans for wide hips or ankle length if you don't have nice ankles...) these lines make you look bigger so only use when you want to make something look bigger.

Women are so lucky to be able to experiment and wear a wide range of clothing styles to trick the eye.

Defined waistline
If you have a defined waistline (Skinny people have defined waistlines too) accentuate it. You can accentuate a your defined waistline by wearing a belt or by wearing a top or dress with prints in or pointing at this area of your body. If you have a nice waistline don't wear shift dresses.

Undefined waistline
Vice versa if you don't have a defined waistline, wear anything that will hide that. The shift dress is perfect for you just make sure the other features of the shift dress match your other parts (later on those, so make sure to combine). You can use many things to not draw attention to your waist, it is very easy: wear tops with great necklines (prints or embellishment), necklaces, shoulder emphasis, patterns on leg (go for camouflage print, tartan or wintery flowers prints this season) or shapes going from A-line to Godet to full skirts and dropped waistline.

Big bust
 If you have big bust do not cover it with small necklines, round necklines, or turtle necks. The more you try to balance it by trying to cover it the BIGGER it will get (out of proportion). Wear a V neck at all times. Don't wear small, close to neck necklaces. Wear longer sleeves or strappy tops but no short sleeves that end at bust area. With big bust, shoulder accents are perfect for you, you can wear anything with epaulettes; also try to get prints that are bigger rather than small.

Broad shoulders
With playing on proportions almost anything can be corrected so if you have too broad shoulders don't wear strapless tops or dresses, boat neckline, or shoulder details, close to neckline details such as prints, embellishments, or necklaces. Rather go for wide v-necks, dolman and raglan sleeves,  and anything that resembles a long neckline. You can also go for the following tricks when your shoulders are wider than your hip: prints below waist, large lapel coats, single breasted jackets, straight or bootcut trousers. 

Small bust
If you have a small bust you can wear anything with prints in the area, or you can wear lots of detailing because it will not make you look out of proportion. You can also wear boxy shapes, anything from stiff/taut fabrics

Wide hips
If you think you have wide hips or bigger bottom and want to make it look smaller you can follow these simple ideas to do so: try to avoid stiff fabrics, details and pockets in this area, pleated or gathered waistlines, tight or short bottoms, short or fitted jackets. Try go for details that are on your top half, palazzo trousers, softer fabrics, skirts with long details in the middle, like a centre seam or cut or one loose pleat. 

Taller and slimmer
Single breasted items & asymmetric lines tend to make you look taller and slimmer.

Next in the series: colours!

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