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People who have heard me talk about Giambattista Valli know that I am his biggest fan. I can never put my admiration towards his clothes into words. His designs are out of this world, magnificently beautiful clothes. 

Valli is a master of mixing of fabrics, prints, textures & silhouettes. Which come out just simply beautiful. His past in art & admiration of women comes across very romantically in every single collection and that is probably why we all love it. It takes us into the magical world of love, beauty and happiness. 

Giambattista Valli history
Before starting his own label in 2005 in the city of love, he worked at several other big fashion houses from Milan to Paris. He showed twice (RTW) at Paris fashion week until he created his couture line for fall 2011. Since then he shows 4 times with success. He also has a wedding line and he is also the creative director for one of Moncler's (Moncler is the famous winter jacket brand) lines Moncler Gamme Rouge.

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