Ohh once again this skirt/ dress over trousers for me. I think that it is now my new go to instant added style on a regular daily outfit.

I will show in a different post how the dress itself looks like, you have to see that too. It has such nice details on the top, which now is obviously covered up with my blue jumper.I matched to my jeans, haha.

The cross body bag. It is stolen from my worst friend. Well, she changed her mind on it so I took it from her. It is of navy velvet with silver detailing so it matches perfectly all my winter wear. You will see me wear this very often. In real life and on the blog too.

Just walking around showing off the flowing tulle. I could have been wearing the jeans with just the jumper and almost any shoe, but I usually prefer to add something out of the "ordinary" which in this case was this tulle bottom dress.

MARKS & SPENCER jumper | IN LOVE WITH FASHION dress | H&M jeans | DUNE shoes | ZARA bag


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