There are so many unexpected great settings in London. My favourites are always the places build of stones.

The other day we decided to go to the ICA. We wanted to see their photo exhibition about the Ibiza party scene in the 80's. We took a long walk before, it is in such a nice area of London. It is down from Picadilly circus but before St James Park (on Pall Mall). Walking closer to the entrance we saw that the doors were closed and so they are to. On Mondays the ICA is closed. So we took our pictures on the stairs leading to the entrance and left for a second long walk. Of course I changed shoes.

Kurt Geiger killer heels. Love love love.

About the outfit: I think I found the perfect pair of jeans. This is the shape I was looking for a long time. It is a bit oversized but in bootcut and of ankle length. It also has a higher waist. I said higher because it isn't the real high waist, it is sort of between normal and high, just enough to make you look taller.

I love pairing colours, and I love the khaki, turquoise combo. I don't know where my scarf is from, I stole it from my mom, but I found very similar ones that I have linked in this post. 

TOPSHOP hat | MANGO jacket | KURT GEIGER boots | CHEAP MONDAY jeans | REASON  tee shirt (similar here) | DRIES VAN NOTEN sunnies | FENDI bag | scarf (similar here)

Do you have a favourite colour combination? How do you like mine?


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    1. Thank you so much! I hope you find inspiration on my blog!

  2. Your blog is gorgeous - I don't know why I haven't found your blog yet. I am your new follower and looking forward to more of your amazing outfits!


    1. Thank you so much Charlotte! Checked your blog too, love it, following too & congrats to all the features :)
      Veronika xx


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