I still have a few outfits left to publish from last week, and I wanted to start with this one as my favourite.

There are so many colour combinations I love of which one is the blue with black & white/ zebra. It is a very strong and interesting contrast. It stands out, making the simplest outfit look more stylish.

The handwarmer / muff that is also a small bag was a birthday gift from my mom, it's made of mink fur dyed to zebra print. My family knows I like unique things which is why they got me this gift. 
(It is from a fur shop in Budapest in Mammut shopping centre.) 

You can avoid wearing a big coat if you don't feel like it, by wearing many layers of different length tops: tank + tee + jumper. If you do so, wear them in a way so they are all visible as different layers.

VINTAGE denim jacket | TCHIBO jumper | REASON NYC t-shirt | H&M tank | H&M jeans | TOPSHOP shoes

 The love bracelet was a gift for my birthday from my Hungarian blogger sis, Dorka.

Photos by Marton Kovacs


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