All these beautiful cocktails. All the time. Much Love for Trafiq bar staff

Anna and her boyfriend :D

Long life! Haha

With Bogi in Trafiq at the bar at the back, but you all recognize it by now!

Dorka | SHUT (?!)

My 2 goldfish are a year old already. I am shocked!

Dinner at China Tang (To buy the jacket click here and here for the shoes. To shop for a similar dress here | here | here | here)

Outfit I wore underneath this!

Solid ID, Interior shop nearby my home in London.

Photo Opportunity. kissmiklos. Me. Dorka. Anna. Andris.

The Geisha. The party shoe, you stand in it until 6am. Maybe even more!

Love bracelet from Dorka.

... is where we set the timer and made this.

Dancing in Ashish.

Opening of Steam & Rye. London with Katja the wff.

On its way to becoming viral. At 986 at the time. The article.

From the #winterwhites post

Some Tokio men.

Early morning in Franze & Evans. Our fave breakfast spot in Shoreditch with Judit before shooting this post.

Hey You. Trafiq.

... is where we took thousands of this thinking they were all bad. Typical.

Unpublished image from an #ootd post.

From the "Sunday Afternoon" outfit post.

 "The one and only" (?!) Balaton, MN, USA. 


Shop this coat here see more images of it here

My sleepy sister and I.

Topshop beauties from this post.


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