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I am going to share with you my best tips for a great ab workout that I have collected through the years. Let me know how you find them! Ohh and excuse my face, I really was doing the exercises :) 

PS.: I am no gym instructor but these work perfect for me ;)

If you don't think this exercise works, than just imagine this is a more advanced plank (that also works almost your entire body). You wouldn't know until you have had severe stomach problems like I had, that the muscles in your leg are so connected to the muscles in the stomach area. So by holding basically a plank and moving your legs your are working on your abs! Let's GO

The best advise I got on how to do sit ups without having pain in my lower back and also (for me) getting the best results is to just pick a point on the ceiling and reach for it kind of like with your head. So don't try to roll up all the way, just do these tiny movements and it will the job!

This side plank sort of lifting and dropping your hips is also one of my fave and most useful movements. This one I find very difficult and can't do too much because of my back but if I feel weak for this I just take out my hula hoop and work my waistline with that!

Now this one is probably the easiest, but works great, just grab a weight, any weight that you feel will work for you and just sort of drop on each side and repeat. Easy :)

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