SHEIN dress (💸 here) | SHEIN shoes (💸 here) | MARKS & SPENCER coat

How early do you start planning your special outfits? Even though I am a last minute dresser, or most often change my mind the last minute, I always think ahead especially that most of my clothes are now things I have ordered online (which I love because I have very little time). With ordering there are two things important:
1 - Trust the sizing! Luckily I never made a wrong sizing decision before, I just stick with the same sizes since forever so I never had to send back anything yet. With shoes it was a bit trickier. I know I need Zara 39, but Topshop 38. So whenever I order form a UK based company I pick 38 and anywhere else, like Shein I chose 39 (I hate when my shoes are too small, I'd rather have them a bit bigger)
2 - Know your dates! Order on time and rather more things at once. But make sure to check out items that are marked "pre-order" because then your whole order will leave when those are ready to be shipped!

For this outfit I was going for a very romantic feel, pairing pink heels with a dusty pink dress. I felt like the fur coat was the perfect winter cover up for this all pink outfit! What will you be wearing for a Valentine's day date?


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